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By Elaine M.D.,

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  • The Single Biggest Reason Why Men Leave Women They Love - Even If He Is In Love With You He Will Leave You Unless You Show Him THIS ONE THING - And It's NOT What You Think!
  • The 3 Biggest Myths About Breakups
  • The Sneaky Little Trick To Make Your Ex Think Of You 24/7!
  • And Much More...
I read all of the articles I could find on Google to help me when my boyfriend and I ended our 3 year relationship a few weeks back.

I was feeling hopeless. All the articles talked about men stringing you along, blah, blah, blah. None of them told me a solid useful piece of information to actually help salvage my relationship.

I stumbled upon Elaine’s book and I have to say, I felt relieved to finally hear SOMEONE say that there was something I could do from my end to save our relationship.

I have put a lot of this to use. I have not compromised who I am, but I have approached things with an open mind. And I can tell you, things have become much easier.

And all those times I tried and tried to get what I needed before, doing the same things I did, over and over, just seemed exhausting and frustrating. Now I am doing it from this new perspective and it is paying off hugely.

My boyfriend has started communicating again and is reaching out to me. He has let his walls down and started to want to be my friend, partner, lover, protector, all over again, just like we started out.

I really think that this advice can be used if read and interpreted properly.

~ Sandy,
Alameda, CA

The Single Biggest Reason Men Leave Women They Love

If you are reading this, you have most likely suffered a relationship breakup. Perhaps you have been trying to get back a boyfriend, but he doesn’t seem to be listening to you. It is very difficult to think rationally when you are hurting and feeling so alone right now. If you feel like the chances of getting back your boyfriend are slipping away, then the following advice is just for you..

You now are probably asking yourself the following questions...

- Was it something I said or did that made him want to leave?

- Was is something I didn't do in our relationship that I should have done?

- Was is because I am not pretty enough, smart enough or don't have what it takes to keep him?

- Is is because there is someone else?

And worst of all - why does he think that being with no one is better than being with me?

And it hurts you deeply...

And your friends tell you that you will get over your ex and move on at some point, or find someone else... But THE TRUTH IS - YOU DON'T WANT SOMEONE ELSE - YOU WANT HIM!

Because YOUR EX IS EVERYTHING YOU'VE EVER WANTED and the other people you meet just aren't him and can't ever measure up to him!

And you are right to think that way because finding your soulmate is a VERY RARE PRECIOUS THING!

We just don't meet our soul mate every single day - it happens very rarely - perhaps only once in a lifetime!

How can you let your destiny get away?

Can You Really?

Or are you ready to TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR DESTINY...

If you are like most of my clients who enter my office looking for solutions to get an ex back, you may be desperate and despondent right now. You may feel as if your entire world is falling apart and you are desperately trying to hold onto the pieces of what used to be a budding relationship - but that you are about to lose hope... so let me tell you - there is still hope - don't give up because right on this page you will learn very powerful tips to get your ex back and to make your ex fall in love with you again!  

The very first thing you need to know right now is that the reason your ex dumped you is NOT YOUR FAULT!

The REAL REASON YOUR EX DUMPED YOU is NOT that you aren't pretty enough, is NOT that you aren't good enough, is NOT that you didn't do the right thing or did the wrong thing ...

The REAL REASON he left you is that even though you did everything right, tried to be the best girlfriend you could be, did all the right things and avoided doing the wrong thing - despite all that - your ex left you because what you thought you were supposed to be and do for him wasn't his idea of what he wanted you to be!

You don't need to change who you are!

In order to get your ex back you must only show him ONE THING...

All you have to do is to show  your ex that what YOU TRULY ARE is exactly what he wants - and HE WILL WANT NO ONE ELSE BUT YOU!

The 3 Biggest Myths About Breakups

If you are like most people who have recently been dumped, you may be tempted to fall prey to these 3 Biggest Myths about a relationship break up:

 The Biggest Breakup Myth # 1 - Thinking that once a relationship is over there isn't a way back!

The truth is, people get back together every single day! If you are thinking that once you get dumped you can't get your ex back, you are a victim of the biggest breakup myth!

Just think about all the couples who are now together or are happily married.. Do you think they never had an argument, a disagreement, a break up, or never took a time apart? If you ask them, 99% of happily married couples will tell you that there was a time they broke up! But they got back together and now are completely in love and totally adore each other!

99% of all breakups can be reversed!

And if you are reading this page right now, you are already half-way closer to your ex than others less fortunate ones who want to get their ex back! 

 The Biggest Breakup Myth # 2 - Thinking that in order to get your ex back you have to change who you are!

This is another HUGE MISCONCEPTION about a break up.

Truth is, YOUR EX LOVED YOU THE WAY YOU ARE! You must NOT change yourself in order to make him love you again - all you have to do is to show him that you are the person he fell in love with! And I will show you how!

 The Biggest Breakup Myth # 3 - Thinking that because the things you have already tried in order to get your ex back didn't work nothing else will!

Truth is, there is a lot of various advice out there on how to go about getting your ex back. Some of it works with moderate success and some of it is plain harmful and ever dangerous! 

If you have tried some of the ideas you learned earlier and none of it has worked thus far - this is NOT because your situation is hopeless - this is because you did the WRONG THING and used the wrong advice!

Let me tell you - there are some out there who claim to "know it all" who give you advice that is DEADLY for your relationship - and instead of giving you the results you want their advice will KILL YOUR RELATIONSHIP!

Let me ask you something...

Has anyone given you this type of advice...

- You should play "hard to get" in order to make him want you again?

- Try making your ex jealous to make him fall in love with you again?

- Try ignoring your ex or show up with a new guy at the place your ex hangs out at?

If you have tried any of these or similar "techniques" you know how harmful they are!

So, why do you keep using the so-called guru's advice when you know that it's KILLING YOUR CHANCES OF GETTING YOUR EX BACK?

When you know the things you have tried don't work, and yet you keep doing them over and over - this is a definition of insanity!

But there is ONE that can lead you on a clear path to your ex - and that one is the Guidance I am about to introduce to you right here right now!

Read on to discover...

How To Make Your Ex Think Of You 24/7

There is something that makes people fall in love and stay in love with a specific person. Unfortunately, most people never ask themselves, and never realize what it REALLY is that makes someone fall in love and stay in love with us.

As a result, we go on about our daily lives never thinking or trying to analyze what it is that makes you special to that one person that you really want.

And when we lose that special person we really want to keep for life, we wonder, what did we do wrong? Where did we go wrong? Where was the turning point that crippled our ex to go from being madly in love to barely there?

The difference between people we fall in love and stay in love with and those whom we dump is that the ones we love forever somehow are able to stick in our thoughts for good, and the ones we lose interest in fall out of our thoughts like yesterday's snow. 

Those who are able to keep our thoughts occupied at all times are the ones we never forget - and want to always be with! 

People fall in love with those who they think about the most!

And in order to make him fall in love with you again - and stay in love with you forever - all you have to do is to make him think of you almost all the time!

And once you learn what I am about to teach you here, you will revive a burning desire in your ex to be with you every waking moment!


You may be thinking that out of sight out of mind. But in reality, opposite is true - staying in your ex's face constantly will NOT bring him closer to you and certainly will NOT make him want you back!

But, on the other hand, the longer you stay away from your ex - the more you will give him the opportunity to find a replacement for you!

If you want your ex to start thinking about you more often and for longer periods of time, until he thinks about you 24/7, you must strike an ideal balance between being apart and yet within reach!

In my guide "Reconnect With Your Ex Today" I am going to teach you everything you must know in order to strike that perfect balance between absense and presence, where your ex will be missing you when you aren't around, want you to be with him at all times, and fight to get you back - now that is a role reversal!

Reconnect With Your Ex Book "Reconnect With Your Ex TODAY"

Delivered to you as an instant download this guide contains 115 pages (OVER 21,000 words)

Once you read this guide you will learn to affect your ex on a deep emotional level, so that he won't be able to resist falling in love with you again, chase you and fight to be with you forever!

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What Is It Worth To You To Get Back With The Love Of Your Live?

Sarah Thank you so much Elaine!
The results were simply unbelievable!

I got him back and our relationship is stronger than ever. We are inseparable and more in love than I ever thought possible!

Thanks for all your help!

-- Sarah
Edmonton, Alberta

You're Staring At A Fork In The Road...

fork in the road

One direction leads to the same old - broken heart, confusion about men and relationships, loneliness and unhappiness. If you are doing exactly what you've done in the past you will not get results that will be any different.

Hoping against all odds that this time the same old path will take you to a new destination is just plain stupid…

You know... the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results... Just how many more times are you going to walk the same road that leads you nowhere?

You need to stop the insanity and take the other road!

The road that leads to a new mindset... a new outlook... and finally to happiness...

The road paved with $150,000.00 of research, or trial and error, hundreds of hours of work and heartache...

The road proven to get you the relationship you deserve.

The road that leads straight to a brand new future for you.

Your path to your new future is waiting for you right here.

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P.S. These techniques I am going to teach you are actually very simple to implement once you start using them and become better and better at them.

And yet they deliver the gift that is priceless!


Elaine M.D. a Dating and Relationship Coach and Bestselling Author